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I am Helping Others work Smarter not Harder, have more FREEDOM of TIME and have the Money to Finance it.

About Me

My background

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, I grew up as the 2nd of four siblings.

Deborah Ruth Ann Barton began her business career in Corporate America and quickly rose to dizzying heights with her achievements in upper management. After bumping her head on numerous occasions against the “glass ceiling” that was then being imposed in Corporate America against women, blacks and other minorities…. Deborah decided she would only get a “splitting headache” if she stayed in Corporate America’s work force and then struck out on her own.

Her very first business venture became a thriving success on wheels. Just imagine a mobile marketing concession ….. a virtual 7-11 on wheels that took her across the entire country. 

The Journey

Serving a vast and various clientele at festivals and fairs across the country; she soon found herself providing her customers with everything from pampers to hair products….. home-cooked food and frozen novelty ice creams and super pops. She loved doing this business so much that she stayed at it for 23 years as it provided her with a very financially secure living. It not only suited her lifestyle and her love for variety by moving around the country but it allowed her to rear her 5 children and to purchase 16 homes as a real estate investor.

Due to personal health issues and stress related ailments acquired from this lifestyle; a change became necessary and Debbie settled down in one place…….. her living room sofa and her laptop computer. It was at this time in her professional career that Deborah stepped into the Home-Based Business arena and the world of Marketing Online on the Internet. 

Things I love

Deborah is a business builder, Investor, Success Coach in personal development.

In her own words: “My program is structured around a DMO (daily method of operation), Mind Mapping and Building your Vision Board.  I checked out many companies before deciding on one that provided all my clients with 8 solutions and was the best fit for me . This Online Company was well suited to my personality and disposition, allowing me to be in a position to provide the greatest help to others, especially newcomers to the Web.” Shortly after beginning with this company, I was asked to take over the position of Marketing Director quite naturally I was delighted and accepted the position. The last successful marketing venture I produced and developed for the Company took me to the other side of the world…… Australia attending the Parliament Of World Religions. It was a lot of hard work and a true learning experience which put me in the company of such notables as Michael Beckwith from the movie “The Secret” and the Dalai Lama.

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Deborah Barton-Birden

4919 Ebersole Avenue, 136, Cincinnati, OH 45227, US

(513) 258-2992

Join Me in the Journey

Needless to say my life continues to take on many interesting turns of events resulting in lots of new adventures and excitement. 

I can hardly wait to see what the future holds for us all.

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