Avoiding Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is becoming more and more of a problem, and if you are not careful then you could lose money to fraudsters. If you are worried about fraud but are unsure how you can protect yourself and your credit cards, then this article could help you. Here are some useful tips and advice about how to protect yourself from credit card fraud:

Credit_Card_FraudMethods of fraud

The methods and types of fraud are increasing as criminals learn new techniques and get improved technology. The most common methods of fraud today include:

Copying and ‘cloning’ of cards

ATM fraud

Internet card fraud

PIN number stealing

All of these methods are used more commonly than ever before to effectively steal your money. Obviously, it is impossible to totally eliminate the problem of credit card fraud, but there are things you can do to greatly reduce the risks.

Keep cards close

Make sure that you never let your cards out of your sight. Never leave cards unattended, and certainly don’t lend your card to anyone. If you are paying in a restaurant or shop, make sure you pay attention as to where your card is. A common method used to copy your card is to get the details whilst you pay, so keep an eye on your card at all times.

Check receipts

Whenever you get a receipt or a credit card bill, check that all the items and amounts are correct. If there are any amounts that you are unsure about, contact your card issuer immediately. Any paperwork that you throw away should be disposed of properly. Shred documents so that people cannot go through your rubbish and discover your card details.

Look behind you

When withdrawing money from a cash machine, make sure no one is looking over your shoulder to read your PIN. The easiest way for someone to use your card illegally is to see your PIN and then steal the card. Also, make sure you never keep a written record of your PIN, especially near your cards.

Use reputable firms

When buying on the Internet, make sure that you only purchase items from large and well-established providers. Small or unknown providers should be avoided as even if they are genuine, their security and encryption may be poor and allow fraudsters to access your details.

Keep contact numbers

If you have your card stolen or you think you have been the victim of credit card fraud, then you need to sort the problem out as quickly as possible. Keep all the contact numbers for your card issuer in a safe place so that you can call them up and sort out problems immediately. If you are careful and act quickly, you can limit the damage of fraud or prevent it occurring at all.



0% Apr Credit Card – Coping With Your Finances

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Credit cards are a big responsibility. When they are used improperly, they can disrupt your future financial solvency and cause you other cash flow problems. The more you know about credit, the more likely you will use this powerful tool wisely.

Nevertheless, credit card users nowadays are making a giant leap from the typical shopping experience to a cashless shopping extravaganza. It is very easy to get in over your head with credit cards.

With the endless shopping convenience that credit cards can bring, more and more people are encouraged to get credit cards and use them to the maximum amount of the credit line.

However, many people are reluctant to explore other credit card choices. That is why, in spite of the credit card’s popularity, credit card companies have had to incorporate enticing promotional tools that will hook customer’s interest to apply for a credit card.

Among the many credit card offers dominating the industry today, 0% annual percentage rate (0% APR) is the most common. Many credit card users see this as enough of an incentive to make the switch to another credit card.

By definition, an annual percentage rate refers to interest rates that are paid on purchases. The APR is expressed in a standard format to allow comparison between credit cards. These interest rates are reimbursement to the issuer of accrued expenses, in order to make the loan to the borrower and other fees required. As you might imagine, there must also be some profit for the issuer as well.

Normally, 0% APR is provided during an introductory period by credit card issuers. After that time , any balance on the card would accrue interest until the debt is paid off.

The Concept

In an average credit card, annual percentage rate charges range from 6 percent to as much as 30%. Understandably, people would prefer credit cards with lower annual percentage rates (APRs).

This could be a daunting task for credit card companies that are not well established to keep up with the competition. Hence, they try to find another way of offering the same promotions, but with a new or different twist.

This is when 0% annual percentage rate comes in.

Credit cards with 0% annual percentage rates are the most popular. However, one should clearly remember that 0% annual percentage rate does not last forever. In most cases, this offer lasts only for about 6 months. This is known as the introductory period.

Credit cards with 0% APR work best for people who transfer their current balances on other credit cards to the new credit card. Through debt consolidation, 0% annual percentage rate works for the borrower by cutting back monthly interest expense. It can also save time for the borrower by making only one payment per month. The best approach would be to try to pay the balance by the end of the introductory period.

Statistical reports show that most of the charges that consumers pay are focused on interest rate charges alone. The average interest rate that the credit card owner pays is 18.9%. Keep in mind that late charges can be charged if a payment is received by the credit card company even one day late. This late fee can increase your expense, and ruin an otherwise good payment plan.

Hence, with 0% APR, consumers can definitely cut back on their expenses, and use more of their dollars toward paying off their debts.

So before you grab that dazzling offer of 0% APR on a given credit card, try to consider some factors first.

1. Research

If you have heard about 0% APR credit cards but do not exactly know how it works, it is best that you learn more about it through research.

Learn more about annual percentage rates and how 0% APR credit cards work. Through research, you would be able to know that they only work for 6 months and after that period, you can no longer enjoy this offer.

2. Read the fine print

Indeed, 0% APR credit cards can give you more advantages than you can imagine. Just remember to read the fine print. Many credit card owners are blind-sided by expenses and fees after 0% APR has expired. Most of the time this is because they have not read the fine print. The only way to compare credit card offers is to read every part of the offer, and understand it thoroughly. It you don’t understand the terms or instructions, call the company and get clarification.

0% APR credit cards can be lifesaving packages; they can greatly reduce your credit card expenses. However, they do not necessarily provide you a lifetime advantage. You must make a plan to pay off the debt, and stick to that plan, if you want to successfully use 0% APR credit cards.