In 1997, the only method I had for earning money was my Mobile Market Concession Business. – but I soon got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, after a Heart Attack, and had to sell the business of 23 years.

But how could I solve this problem carrying a debt load, no business, and the needs of a family? I realized that I needed to create more sources of revenue, even if they weren’t as much as my Concession Business was.

1. Found me a mentor someone that would Coach and Inspire me, this kept me focused on a plan of action for creating this new life.

2. Became coachable and trainable. I realized I was  a know it all person, operating out of ego, so I had to learn I do not have to be right.

losing ego felt like going back to school getting the real lessons, with out the cost of higher education.

3. Made a decision never to allow myself to work for money, but find ways my money would work for me.

4. Committed myself to personally growing everyday.  (30-60 minutes a day of learning about myself, why I believed what I believed.)

5. Begin to network and help others with what I had learned help them grow and have their Best Life Now.

6. This was the biggie I had to give what I wanted to receive. in every area of my life and that meant real change.

7. Took responsibility for my past, present, and future, I had created it and I was the only one who could change.

8. Woke up each day with a thrive mindset, I was a 97%er that desired to be in the 3% and that depended on me.


 Why Multiple Streams

2014-02-14_0651Robert Kiyosaki share his story Rich Dad Poor Dad and I believed what he said, I had been on the employee and self employed side and knew it had not work for me, if I wanted the freedom I dream about. With this I learned it is in helping others get what they want, that I got what I wanted, at 1st this made no sense it was hard to wrap my head around it until I thought about Jesus,

Jesus built a world wide ministry building a relationship with 12 other people, he taught them how to fish for a life time sharing with others of Gods Kingdom, and it still lives till today.  So I do the same thing.  In the drop down menu you will see what I am doing and why, Please contact me with your questions or comment on the contact page, I will make sure I get back with you.


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