Deborah Barton-Birden
Deborah Barton-Birden 2003

Deborah Barton-Birden has a Passion for Personal Growth, Business Building, and Investing, she is a  Teacher/Coach of Personal Development, and Financial Literacy.

I am here to connect, coach, train, and teach duplication for Success.

I am seeking Partners in Wealth Creation, for your life and mine.  Have you ever felt you were doing things alone? Or the team you were working with did not have your best interest at heart? Had no time for you, to show you the fundamentals of really seeing results? Was always changing course to the point you could not keep up? Or maybe they did not know as much as you and you end up being the leader role but they make the money at your expense, LOL been there done that. I am not saying I know it all, cause I do not, but I am focused, determined, and having success at what I am doing.

Are you doing it alone?

Instead of struggling like so many do, alone, let me help you help yourself. I am a true believer of not working for the money, but letting the money work for me, I work smarter not harder, and I am choosey about listening to others that lead me into paying for the information but not doing it themselves. this happens a lot, and the only one making any money is the person that sold it to me.

You do not have to, Connect with me and less build together a Multimillion Dollar Business. A Business where it is a Win-Win for everyone and not just for a few.

You nor I can do it alone, as much as we think we can I choose not to and you should too, besides it can be more fun along the journey to share it. Just Fill out the form, and lets start a journey for your best life now. Oh did I tell you my Financial Blueprint is a zero cost out of pocket to start? So you have nothing to lose testing me and my knowledge.


Dona_DavisDona Davis International Best Selling Author, Publisher, Empowerment Coach

Through 4 Steps to Success Coaching Deborah Birden  has opened my eyes to growth and prosperity on the internet. She guides her students every step of the way toward earning money online. Deborah is professional and personable. We continue to enjoy a great personal friendship and when I need some advice on something Deborah is right there to guide me.

Pat Mora Pat_Mora

Owner/Manager at Building Life Time  Memories, LLC  for Resort Travel and Real Estate Investing
Deborah  &  I were together for over a year at our company. I could count on her dependability and a willingness to share. Her sincere enthusiasm is contagious and always attracts interest. I look forward to working alongside Deborah and seeing her networking skills in action again.

Georgia_JenkinsGeorgia Jenkins

Preferred Representative
Deborah is detail oriented and focussed on this skill in setting up 4 Steps to Success. She helps me in my marketing in several areas and helps me watch budget.

Elygantthings_Business_NetworkElygantthings Business Network

Owner at Elygantthings
Deborah Birden, well i can say she is surely not a burden. She is a professional with a touch of class. Just look at her profile pic. Uniqueness spills out of Deborah. Elygantthings recommends this company for the technical capabilities and the knowledge of bring people together with what they seek. Keep an eye out for this business. You might be calling this company for…more.

Lawrence_L._WrightLawrence L. Wright

Internet Marketing
Deborah is spirit driven and an upbeat person. I have found Deborah to be very encouraging and is always readily available to help whomever calls upon her for assistance. It is my pleasure to know Deborah as a friend.

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